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→ Main article: Passing

The vast majority of players, who try to play a lot of short passes, don't pay attention to the movements of their teammates. That leads to unnecessary bad passes and misunderstandings.

As only a few players focus on the question, why so many passes don't work out, any bad pass is explained by game flaws. Oftentimes, one tries to blame others for obviously preventable mistakes.

After reading the main article, following problems should be resolved:

  • passes into the back of the teammates
  • unintended through passes
  • short pass, although the receiver sprints
  • through balls, whilst the receiver is standing still
  • hectic direct passes without gaining space


→ Main article: Shooting


→ Main article: Defending

Pressing resistance

→ Main article: Pressing resistance

Player attributes

→ Main article: Player attributes

Templates for Virtual Pro

Selecting a template for your virtual pro from real football (name, appearance, height, weigh) leads to a role-playing effect whereby you can try to imitate the game style of your role model in the pro clubs mode.

We recommend following databases for all players:

The former comprises attributes of all players that have been present in a FIFA game. The latter is a user based database aiming at collecting realistic player features for Pro Evolution Soccer.

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