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Our Philosophy


The philosophy can be summarized as follows:

  • Technique: Know all important aspects of the game.
  • Decision Making: Make the right decisions in every situation.
  • Control: Keep control in every situation.
  • Pressure: On the opponent both when defending and when attacking.
  • Simplicity: Make it look simple and beautiful.
  • Evolution: Never stop learning.

The overall goal is to constantly put pressure on the opponent on and off the ball whilst keeping control at the same time.

To do that, we need to obtain the necessary technique. After that, we have to learn by experience and certain rules what decisions to make ingame. When we obtained a decent decision making, we can control the game. To start winning regularly, we have to put constant pressure on the opponent. When we can do all that, our game looks simple automatically. To stay on a certain level or get better, we shall never stop learning. Skip one of these points and the philosophy changes completely.


Technical capabilities

Following technical basics every player has to master:

  • Keeping the ball and pressing resistance
  • Control over players movements
  • concious application of effective trick movements
  • fast assessment of game situations

In order to achieve a high level in these disciplines, we want to refer to the guides article.

Soft Skills

In order to properly implement those complex strategies, not only capabilties at the controller are necessary but also psychological aspects, such as patience, self-criticism and willingness to learn.

Positional Play

Positional play comprises a large number of aspects. After all, they all have one thing in common. They pursue the fundamental goal of gaining different forms of superiorities in specific zones of the field.


From now on, when we talk about specific positions (or “zones” → “Zonal Play”) we will always talk about “lines” (like “line 1-3” or just “A” or “C”) and exact terms for each position (like “B4” or “D2”) for simplification.

Now let's talk about “phases” and “areas”.

Finishing Phase

  • Lines 5 and 6
  • “freedom zone”
  • rules not as strict as in the other lines
  • the box is always limited to 3 players only
  • optimal positioning in the box: LW in B6, ST in C6 and RW in D6
  • optimal positioning outside the box: LCM in B5, RCM in D5

High Priority Area

  • Zones B4-5, C4-5 and D4-5 combined
  • preferred zone for chance creation
  • overloading of one side
  • also think defensively and think about what happens when you lose the ball
  • no premature switch of play, stay on overloaded side as long as possible until we control the game in this area

Build-up Phase

  • Lines 1-4
  • static and wide positioning - don't waste your energy by running around like a maniac
  • every player stays in his respective zone providing vertical and horizontal depth
  • no skill moves

Various playroles

→ Main article: Playroles in Positional Play

Formations and Systems

→ Main article: Formations and Systems

The Art of Domination

→ Main article: The Art of Domination

General Rules

→ Main article: General Rules

Training drills

→ Main article: Training drills


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